Corvus Design Studio is an award-winning web design and print studio started in San Luis Obispo, California, and expanded to San Francisco, and Portland, Oregon.


We’re a close-knit team of expert designers, developers, and industry leaders with diverse backgrounds and amazing skill sets.


We create award-winning websites, striking brand identities, and eye-catching print collateral to all types business and organizations of all sizes.


At Corvus, we have a passion for creative presence, expressed through effective design media that communicates to its viewers.

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Founded in 2006, Corvus Design Studio provides exceptional websites, brand design, and print collateral services worldwide.

From the beginning, our mission has been the creation of top-notch digital and print products for entities of all sizes and purposes. Through the years we’ve become specialists in an inclusive niche client base that includes dermatologists, skincare brands, health and beauty, fashion, and culinary professionals.

However, we work with clients of many industries, including startups, government and government grant organizations, educational entities, and clients of enterprise-level projects. Contact us to discuss what we can do for you!

At Corvus, our goal is simple – to optimize, enhance, and reshape consumer interactions for our clients.

Corvus is a bespoke design studio; selective in our work, meticulous in approach, and steadfast in the ideal of quality over quantity. By keeping our scope centered on balancing form and function, we create visually impactful, user-friendly, and effective digital marketing products. Our exacting processes allow us to create exceptional products worthy of amazing clients, and of the Corvus brand. Whether you need a revamp of your online presence, a fresh website, or brand and print design, we’d love to discuss your unique needs!

A Few Figures


Founded in 2006



Awards, recognition, and publications



3,000+ projects completed

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Unparalleled Expertise

Corvus is a highly collaborative, mostly remote studio with elite team members all over the nation.

Our studio is comprised of seasoned, accomplished leadership and skilled specialists that work together to create optimal digital and print products. As a mostly remote studio, we’ve developed streamlined production processes that promote communication within the team and with our clients, and that harness the strengths of collaboration across all project stages. Our methodology allows us to tap the abundance of talent throughout the nation without sacrificing the invaluable benefits of working closely to produce exceptional work.

Meet our key leadership team

Jessica M.

Founder / Sr. Art Director

Jessica founded Corvus in 2006 to satisfy the need to design in a more creative environment than provided in BIG TECH. Having worked with brands such as Philips Electronics, HP, and Sony, Jessica brings to the table a wealth of design and technical expertise.

Marcus O.

Partner / Development Lead

As a Computer Science alumnus and talented leader, Marcus brings an engineering-level precision to the development process. Always looking to maximize efficiency, while streamlining processes, Marcus’s expertise is an invaluable asset.

Sarah B.

Sr. UX Designer

A true artist at heart, Sarah adds a fresh, avant-garde approach to the creative process. Sarah’s innovative and brilliant user experience concepts help propel our work ahead of the curve, where trends are set, not followed.

Binkie LeRue

Morale Officer

Our own personal lunch tester, seat warmer, and spider assassin. Binkie is our official morale officer and beloved pupper, always ready with an endless supply of clownish antics that bring smiles to faces.

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