Meet our expert team of designers and developers… and our awesome office pupper.

Jessica Miller Web Designer

Jessica Miller

Principal & Designer

Once you’ve mastered the concept of form and function in design, everything else is cake.

Jessica founded Corvus Design Studio in 2006, to satisfy the need to design in a more autonomous, creative environment than that provided in the tech industry.

Jessica has nearly 18 years of experience as a web professional. Having worked with brands such as Philips Electronics, HP, and Sony, Jessica brings to the table a wealth of design and development expertise.

Marcus O'Reilly Wordpress Developer

Marcus O’Reilly

Web Developer

As a Computer Science alumnus, Marcus brings an engineering-level precision to the development process. Always looking to maximize efficiency, while streamlining code, Marcus’s expertise is an invaluable asset.

Sarah Bledsoe Graphic Designer

Sarah Bledsoe

Graphic Designer

A true artist at heart, Sarah adds a fresh, avant-garde approach to the creative process. Sarah’s innovative graphic, print, and identity concepts help propel our work ahead of the curve, where trends are set, not followed.

it's Binkie!!!

Binkie le Rue

Morale Officer

Our own personal lunch tester, seat warmer, and spider assassin. Binkie is our official morale officer and office pupper, always ready with an endless supply of clownish antics that bring smiles to faces.


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