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Brand Design

Define your image, voice, and target audience with specialized branding and corporate identity.

Defining a brand

The intangible sum of a product’s attributes.

This is the definition of branding in today’s marketing, as defined by the “father of advertising”, David Ogilvy.

So, what does that mean? Essentially, it’s how your company, goods, or services are perceived by the public. Your brand is your worth and character in the eyes of consumers, which is defined by your branding collateral (logo, business cards, packaging, copywriting, etc). Your brand substantially influences the level of professionalism exuded by your company, the credibility instilled on the general public, and the type of consumers attracted to your business. Your brand is your mark on the public, and branding design is how that mark is forged and established.

Creating a brand

Branding design consists of the creation of visual and intellectual items intended to attract and, figuratively, brand your ideal consumers; to connect on a cognitive level and shape their impression of your business.

There are many elements that form a brand, the most fundamental being a logo, color palette, photography or graphics, and copywriting (incorporated in print and web). These elements set a mood and ambiance around your company, goods, or services, and communicate to the viewer what you’re all about.

Are you a fortune 500 company, a kickass fitness expert, an exclusive winery, a couture fashion house, a sci-fi author? How do you want to be perceived by your viewers? This is the question that’s answered by your brand.
A recognizable, uniform visual identity is crucial in establishing a professional, high quality impression with targeted consumers. A great visual identity will appeal to the right audience, capturing their interest and forming an affinity and sense of relation to your products or services. This is the ultimate purpose of your brand.


A moodboard is a collage of imagery used to define the design direction your brand will take.

Moodboards are an excellent tool to start the brand design process. Moodboards typically include a blend of coordinating color schemes, textures, font samples, relevant photography, and iconography. This creates a visual representation of the proposed branding design direction, and helps the designer and client communicate more effectively.

The moodboards above are samples from our clients that were used in the very early stages of each respective project.

Logo Design

Your logo is the symbol or stamp of your business, and the most fundamental element of a brand.

The logo design process is one of exploration and revision that culminates in a final, refined design. The process to reach the final design consists of lots of samples and trying out various design directions. It’s like visual brainstorming.

The following are a few featured logo designs. See our Portfolio for more designs and complete branding projects.


Find your voice, open a dialogue, and resonate with your viewers.

Copywriting is a crucial element in conveying your message to consumers. The voice in which your verbiage is written affects how a viewer emotionally responds to your brand. For instance, a friendly, inviting tone can put a viewer at ease and set a comfortable, causal feel. While a blunt tone can create a sense of authority or austerity. It’s vital to your brand to have well-written, relevant content that appeals specifically to your target consumer.

We offer copywriting and editing services specifically for web content and print collateral items, including company copy, product descriptions, ghostwriting, and more. Contact us to discuss your copywriting needs.

Photography Selection

Drive your message home with the right web and print visuals.

When custom photoshoots are not a practical option, we utilize carefully selected stock photography. Stock photography is an excellent tool for attracting your target audience through affinity. Imagery that draws in your ideal consumer effectively enhances your brand appeal and lends your web and collateral items a higher level of professionalism.

There’s no shortage of incredible stock photography from professional and amateur photographers, alike. We meticulously curate, edit, and enhance every stock photo used in our client projects. Samples of photo editing before-and-afters are shown below.

Photo editing for QOD, USA – Keratin Haircare

Photo editing for Melanie Potter – Artisan Jewelry Designer

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