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Web Design & Development Services

Like a Glove

“Fits”, that is. As in, we fit like a glove. But, one size doesn’t fit all.

Corvus works with an unusually wide range of clientele, from public IPOs to starving artists. We can cater to such a wide range of businesses because we custom-tailor every project to meet the needs and budget of each unique client. If you need an enterprise web solution, we’d love to hear from you. If you’re a startup or small business and need a great online presence, we’re here for you, too!

We frequently work with clients in these fields and professions:
  • Couture Brands
  • Fashion Designers
  • Fashion & Apparel Retailers
Health & Beauty
  • Holistic Medicine
  • Salon & Spa
  • Haircare Brands
  • Skincare Brands
  • Online Store / Retailers
  • Box Subscriptions
  • Classified Ad Portals
  • Private Practitioners
  • Dermatology Centers
  • Dental Offices / Labs
  • Medical Device MFG
  • Hospitals
  • College / University
  • Government Granted Programs
  • Government Contractors
  • Non-profit Organizations
Tech & Industrial
  • Consumer Electronics
  • Stocks & Trade
  • Farm & Agriculture
  • Photographers
  • Craftspeople
  • Jewelry Designers
  • Writers & Authors
  • Restaurant
  • Catering
  • Markets & Grocery
  • Winery & Vineyard
  • Wine & Spirit Retailers
Housing & Real Estate
  • Real Estate Agents & Firms
  • Real Estate Developers
  • Listing Portals

Web Tech

We offer both CMS (content management system) websites, and hand-coded, front-end development. For more details about each, follow the links below.

Wordpress developer
Wordpress CMS

Content Management Systems based on the most user-friendly, and flexible platform.

Woocommerce designer

Robust, feature-packed ecommerce solutions for all types of businesses.

Front-end Developer Hand-coded HTML websites

Front-end development and hand-coded, standards-compliant websites.


A purposeful, effective website is equal parts “design” and “development”, and one without the other is simply incomplete. This is the foundation of our web design and development system.

FORM: Web Design

The look and feel of a website is a key component in creating a positive first impression and capturing the interest of target consumers.

Every viewer is left with an explicit impression of your website, which greatly influences their perception of your entire business. Consumers want to relate to, and form a connection with businesses they patronize, and the design of your website should facilitate this process.

The design of a website encompasses its visual appeal and user experience, which blend together to form the site’s mood and ambiance. A well-designed website that targets your ideal consumers will instantly show your business as professional, credible, and inviting, thus leaving the user with a positive impression. Creating a positive online experience is vital in eliciting sales, converting consumers to customers, and winning the endorsement of those customers. The trickle-down effect is that a viewer who’s happy with their experience on your website is more likely to organically share your business on social media, by word-of-mouth, and so forth.

Design is our forté; our wheelhouse. We’ve achieved quite a few awards and recognition for our design work. But, beauty is more than surface deep.

We excel at creating gorgeous websites with focus on the entire user experience, from the precise colors selected, to the exact pixel placement of each element. Our websites are visual experiences that flow from beginning to end, providing the viewer with unobstructed access to key information throughout, and thus maximizing usability and marketing effectiveness. Our designs present our clients in the highest quality form and work to establish a measurable following of ideal consumers.

Contact us for a web design quote or to schedule a consultation.

Function: Web Development

A website must also be beautiful on the inside, or rather, on the backend, and perform well across the many viewing platforms used today.

Corvus does more than make pretty websites – by combining exceptional design with streamlined development and search engine optimization, we create multimedia experiences that are visually striking, while fulfilling their purpose as marketing tools. We meld aesthetics with modern development methods, maximizing each website’s relevance and longevity. We complete our websites with the integration of practical SEO techniques to increase organic exposure and traffic, for a robust, comprehensive finished product.

For more information about our development techniques, see:

Our Process








Discovery / Scoping / Planning

We start by learning all about your business and industry. How did you come about doing what you do? Who are your competitors, your audience, your ideal consumer? What’s your expertise? What sets your business apart? How would you like your new website to work for you?

We use this information to formulate a project scope and sitemap, outlining proposed website features and elements to attain your online goals. We’ll offer our professional recommendations and additional options, and propose platforms and services to amplify quality and effectiveness.




Art Direction / Moodboards / Design Comps

The design phase is multi-faceted and unique to each project. We understand that the same formula won’t work for every client and project, so we’re very flexible here. We may start with moodboards and wireframes for larger scopes, audited projects, or those requiring very precise steps of progression. Or, we may jump right into the homepage design comp, bypassing any pre-design preparations.

Corvus is well-seasoned and we’re able to make such determinations early in the project, which helps streamline the entire process, saves time and cost, and presents design elements in the most useful way for each unique client.




Content / Copywriting / Imagery

Once we’ve established design comps, it’s time to gather real content to populate the site with. Content encompasses company-specific verbiage and imagery, product imagery and verbiage, contact information, social media links, etc.

We offer copywriting and editing services when verbiage does not exist, or needs to be rewritten. Verbiage we commonly provide for our clients includes mission statements, histories, bios, service outlines, timelines, product descriptions, privacy policies, blog articles / ghostwriting, and more. We tailor our web copy specifically for keyword visibility, while maintaining viewer readability.

Learn more about our copywriting and content creation services in Branding.




Code / SEO / Quality Assurance

Development is the process of turning our design comp(s) into a functional, mobile-responsive website, integration of content, and basic SEO.

We start by building out the site’s core framework, then we create the sub-pages defined in the sitemap. Next, we cross-platform check the shell site, and make adjustments as needed. Finally, we integrate site content, cross-platform check again, test all forms and other interactive content, and finish by incorporating basic SEO.

We specialize in Wordpress CMS, Woocommerce Online Stores, and Frontend (hand-coded) development. We’ll explain the benefits and purpose of each method and help you decide which is right for you.


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