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In most of my projects, and likely other designers’ projects as well, the design concept is completed before any verbiage is provided by client, or written by me. In order to provide a visually complete design concept, placeholder text is often used, in the form of what is known in the industry simply as “Lorem Ipsum”. Lorem Ipsum is a set of “dummy text”, written in Latin, that has been used since the 1500’s as placeholder text in printed works. It’s purpose is just to show a print or design layout, when actual verbiage is not available. If you have perused our portfolio, you probably noticed that many of our “currently in production” websites have this weird Latin text somewhere within the design.

My clients have occasionally been confounded by the dummy text, and ask me why their website is written in Greek. I often forgot that it’s not a common site outside of the design world, and we always get a little chuckle out of it.

I am always cutting and pasting Lorem Ipsum, and thought I would provide a place where other designers, as well as myself, could find it easily for cut and paste in their own projects….

So, here they are, the first 15 paragraphs of Lorem Ipsum:

Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Fusce eleifend, est ut ultrices fringilla, massa ipsum vulputate sapien, a mollis odio nibh a urna. Fusce ut nisl non enim sodales dignissim. Fusce ac orci eros, sed viverra tortor. Duis consectetur, urna et pulvinar scelerisque, quam nibh molestie tortor, vitae dictum ipsum risus ac orci. Donec eget arcu enim. In dignissim aliquet quam eget hendrerit. Nunc lorem sem, pretium sit amet lobortis nec, feugiat quis neque. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Praesent eget odio tellus, in lacinia dui. Morbi varius ultricies ante, non scelerisque tellus facilisis a. Donec congue enim vitae sem ultrices id eleifend purus convallis. Duis ultrices, mauris vitae iaculis porta, eros orci imperdiet nibh, et suscipit eros odio in leo. Proin congue consequat lacus id convallis. Quisque molestie sollicitudin neque, vitae fringilla lacus feugiat id. Proin dui eros, egestas a porttitor vitae, sagittis eget quam. Nullam id felis nunc.

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Nunc orci lacus, semper ultrices fringilla ac, malesuada non mauris. Sed sagittis lorem sed ipsum pharetra vel elementum lacus euismod. In elit leo, posuere id suscipit id, consequat vel odio. Praesent ac imperdiet libero. Pellentesque non turpis quis libero mattis eleifend. Pellentesque nisl felis, euismod in sagittis fringilla, mattis sed velit. Aenean arcu nunc, pharetra quis tincidunt vel, porttitor in sem. Etiam quis tellus orci. Nunc ipsum ante, tristique id venenatis in, sollicitudin vel sapien. In mattis sapien vel felis vehicula sed molestie augue rhoncus. Mauris in nibh elit. Integer vitae massa purus, sed fringilla nisi. In id sem velit. Quisque cursus ultricies pellentesque. Nam vehicula felis pretium felis laoreet commodo. Fusce molestie, felis et rutrum malesuada, augue ligula viverra magna, vitae posuere augue nulla at metus. Mauris sed est eleifend velit bibendum faucibus bibendum non purus.

Ut sit amet enim mi. Sed neque dolor, sagittis eget laoreet at, commodo commodo metus. Vivamus ac vulputate justo. Suspendisse dapibus urna et magna laoreet elementum. Maecenas in augue sit amet arcu vehicula lobortis ut in orci. Phasellus id enim et enim luctus tempor eu ut lorem. Duis volutpat tincidunt urna eget pellentesque. Aliquam feugiat nunc non turpis sagittis sed dictum sem scelerisque. Ut lorem ante, fermentum eget sagittis ultricies, aliquet elementum massa. Sed ornare elementum ultricies. Vestibulum porta, lacus in iaculis cursus, neque dolor bibendum dolor, nec viverra enim est eget mauris. Sed vel sapien at ipsum auctor egestas ut a mauris. Nulla scelerisque viverra eros ut sodales. Maecenas quam ipsum, vestibulum et mattis sed, luctus ultricies mauris. Suspendisse malesuada mi non erat elementum eget congue augue accumsan. Sed elit lectus, pretium eu commodo ut, laoreet non arcu.

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Curabitur consequat porttitor adipiscing. Vestibulum ante ipsum primis in faucibus orci luctus et ultrices posuere cubilia Curae; Sed nunc leo, vulputate sed aliquam sit amet, laoreet id nisl. Praesent ut ipsum lacus. Donec molestie velit quis urna pellentesque nec tempus erat tempor. Duis tortor lacus, tristique in tempus eu, vestibulum sed magna. Pellentesque eget tempus justo. Nulla tempor nibh id leo suscipit eleifend. Sed quis metus nec lacus mattis hendrerit. Proin condimentum fermentum ullamcorper. Fusce arcu ipsum, tristique nec hendrerit ac, elementum et augue. Pellentesque mollis condimentum varius. Nulla facilisi.

Nulla luctus pulvinar quam sit amet euismod. Curabitur sagittis consequat odio sed molestie. Fusce dui odio, fermentum in luctus ac, placerat vitae erat. Aenean id diam libero, ac volutpat purus. Nam adipiscing laoreet faucibus. Aenean sodales dolor ut justo consequat a hendrerit mi aliquet. Quisque nec facilisis nisi. Curabitur justo dolor, aliquam sit amet congue id, mollis vel eros. Curabitur eleifend adipiscing dui a semper. Sed ac ante sed diam interdum lacinia non eu felis. In tincidunt purus non lorem dapibus laoreet. Sed dapibus neque ac sem pretium a ornare lorem accumsan.

There’s a lot more of it, too. You can find all of Lorem Ipsum at, as well as translations and a little history.

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