RED Haircare

San Francisco, CA
RED is an elite salon and haircare line formulated specifically for natural and color-treated redheads. RED’s haircare collection is available at wholesale prices for professional salons, and directly to consumers via RED’s online store and flagship salon.


Type: Brand / Website / Collateral

For RED, we aimed for a vivid, fearless, and edgy aesthetic. Audacious lettering stamped on mohawked models and unconventional beauties are a staple of RED’s look. We created a full suite of branded materials, including color palette definition, logo design, brand guide, and stationery / letterhead design. The logo is bold, yet minimal, featuring a wisp of hair strewn across the text. In keeping with the bold aesthetic, the stationery items feature the logo in an above-average size, with the same beautifully unconventional models throughout.


In keeping with RED’s bold aesthetic, we kept the same design direction for the website, and developed a comprehensive online store with wholesale and direct-to-consumer purchasing capabilities. Sharing and review incentive features were added to checkout, as well as a mailing list prompt with discount codes in exchange for subscription. The Woocommerce online store includes social sharing icons, auto-signup of RED’s mailing list, and gift-giving features.

We’re not fans of popups, so instead of the typical newsletter signup prompt that blocks content and annoys users, we added a small, sticky bar at the top of the page advertising the subscription discount, as well as a larger signup form in the footer of every page.


Several print items were designed to showcase the beauty and diversity of redheads. We chose a collection of shots of red-haired beauties ranging from dark to strawberry blonde, both males and females of all ages, and showcased them in extra large layouts and compilations.

The cosmetic bottle packaging is unmistakable, with red and black overlays, and RED’s signature, extra large text. We also designed a limited edition bundled presentation box and a 16-page booklet to match. These special, bundled products were given to potential retailers, bloggers, influencers, and other interested parties to introduce RED and generate buzz.


In all of RED’s photography, we avoided editing the natural hair of the models, except to tame some fly-aways and other minimal changes. We wanted to keep the hair looking realistic, as RED is all about embracing the beauty and characteristic of red hair, not changing it to something it’s not. But in some instances, we wanted to create a surreal, doll-like feel to catch the eye of the viewer. We wanted to create a contrast between the polished perfection of the models’ doll faces, and their wild, untamed red locks.

  • Art direction
  • UX design
  • Content architecture
  • Web design
  • Graphic design
  • Brand design (color palette definition, font selection, logo design, brand guide)
  • WordPress CMS with Woocommerce online store.
  • Custom theme development.
  • Optimized for ADA-compliance.
  • SSL Certificate installation and configuration.
  • Cross-platform quality assurance testing.
Site Features
  • Liquid layout, fullscreen online store.
  • Product review incentives.
  • Interactive Lookbooks.
  • Full-featured blog.
  • Contact forms with invisible spam protection and branded auto-responders.
Ecommerce Features
  • Video product integration.
  • Checkout mailing list auto signup.
  • Subscription options with recurring billing and advanced customer account features.
  • Custom designed customer email correspondences.
  • Integration with PayPal payment gateway.
Content Creation
  • Stock photography
  • Photo editing and enhancement
  • In-depth SEO
  • Share / like buttons
  • Instagram feed
  • Mailing list signup prompts, and newsletter templates
  • Stationery design (business cards, letterhead, folders)
  • Catalog / booklet design
  • Cosmetic bottle designs
  • Presentation box designs

High-Fidelity Designs

Fullscreen, responsive and minimalist homepage design.
Interactive Lookbook loading page design.
Fullscreen, responsive single product page design.

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