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Tali Cultivate | San Luis Obispo, California

Project Type: Book / Magazine Design


Tali Cultivate is a non-profit project by jewelry designers, Ariana & Alona Sinclair, initiated to shed light on several global environmental and sociological issues via informative booklet publications. Tali Cultivate also supplies design and gemstone reference booklets for jewelry designers.

The Project

Tali Cultivate was started by jewelry designers, Ariana & Alona Sinclair, in an effort to shed light on several important global issues, from environmental problems to social and cultural concerns.

By nature, Ariana and Alona are something of a pair of vagabonds, travelling the globe and interacting with other craftspeople in their pursuit of fair trade gemstones and metals. Through their travels, Ariana and Alona were made aware of several serious issues involving the environment, labor and trade practices, sustainability, the gemstone mining industry, and more. After taking action with various non-profits, Ariana and Alona were inspired to contribute their own brand of awareness promotion, in the form of educational reading materials.

We worked with the pair, and their traveling companions, to formulate a visually stunning magazine layout using their photography, anecdotes, and stories from around the world. We provided moderate copy writing and editing to polish the verbiage and content flow, but the main focus was the visual impact and page layout. Each chapter features a unique design reflective of the region and story content that takes the reader on a brief journey to a new place with each page turn.

The resulting publication we designed is in the form of a traveler’s journal, offering details of the pair’s destination spots that segue into enlightening content about ongoing concerns in each region. The aim was to create a publication with a personal narrative that reads like a story from beginning to end. We didn’t want to overwhelm or guilt readers with overt call-to-action content, but rather to make a connection on a human level in an organic, non-forced manner. The content is meant to resonate and inspire the reader, leaving them with a positive sense, and just maybe sparking them to get involved with a philanthropic cause that speaks to them.

Tali Cultivate also publishes jewelry design lookbooks and gemstone reference materials. Their first gemstone reference booklet includes detailed geological data on the most commonly used gemstones in the US jewelry design industry. Although this is a scientific reference, we designed it to be awe-inspiring by showcasing the striking beauty of the natural formations covered. In addition to macro and diverse gemstone and jewel photography, detailed data is included, such as molecular formulas, refractive indices, specific gravity, class, hardness, geographical source, and more.

Booklet Design, “Exploration”

Booklet Design, “Minerals”


Content Production
  • Storyboarding
  • Copy Editing
  • Copy Writing
Print Design
  • Graphic Artwork
  • Booklet / Magazine Layout Design (page design and layout)
Extra Design Elements
  • Stock Photography
  • Photo Editing & Enhancement

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