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Train Fight Recover | San Diego, California

Project Type: Branding • Website • Collateral


Train Fight Recover (TFR) is a community-based website offering comprehensive fitness and health resources and services for strength and conditioning coaches, active military professionals, those preparing to join the armed forces, and first responders.

The Project

TFR hired us to bring their vision to life, starting with a core website chock full of features and useful info. The website was built around four main sections: 1) a podcast produced by TFR founders and featured guest experts, 2) an online store for specialized active gear, 3) integration of online fitness programs led by TFR experts, and 4) a collaborative blog with articles written by real-world health and fitness experts, active military members, competitive athletes, and more.

The brand design and visual appeal went through something of an evolution from what we originally started with. As this is a unique fitness resource for a specific audience, we avoided using generic workout and gym-environment photos. This site is for hard-working individuals whose fitness requirements are part of the job; a necessity for survival in the field. As such, vanity-based imagery wasn’t going to cut it. Instead, we show a mix of industries, including firefighters, police officers, military personnel and recruits, search and rescue professionals, extreme athletes, and more.

We chose a vivid blue as the main brand color, contrasted with stark white and deep charcoals for a strong impression that suited the target audience. Ultra bold sans-serif type is used throughout, with subtitles in a lesser weight, for a bold look.

As a collaborative website, we included several contact prompts for viewers to submit their expertise in the form of articles, photos, goods, reviews, guest podcast features, etc. And a mailchimp mailing list is integrated to offer exclusive promos and other beneficial info.

We also designed a detailed promotional booklet intended for serious partnerships, and a lighter tri-fold brochure for mass distribution. The booklet includes comprehensive website data and company growth plans presented in a highly visual form with a wealth of action shots, technical mockups, and infographics. The smaller brochure serves as an introduction to the core features of TFR, with visuals focused mainly on military and first responders.


Branding, Print & Collateral
  • Color Palette Definition
  • Business Card Design
  • Social Network Profile Graphics
  • Tri-fold Brochure Design
  • Promotional Booklet Design
Extra Design Elements
  • Stock Photography
  • Photo Editing
Web Design & Development
  • Art Direction
  • Web Design / Graphics
  • UI / UX Design
  • HTML / CSS / PHP
  • Wordpress CMS
  • Woocommerce
Website Features
  • Mobile Responsive Design
  • Slider Revolution
  • SPAM-protected Forms with Branded Autoresponders
  • Multi-author Blog
  • Podcast Integration
  • Online Store
  • Branded Customer Email Correspondences
  • Custom Purchase Emails (unique to individual products)
  • TrainHeroic Integration
  • In-depth SEO
  • MailChimp Intg.
  • Social Share Icons
  • Instagram Feed
  • Contact Prompts

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