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Web Design & Development

Award-winning web design and development.

Seasoned. Skilled. Exceptional.

We bring a craftsman approach and an artist’s eye to every project.

Corvus has been forging ahead in the visual design world for more than a decade, and in that time we’ve refined our methodologies into precision-based sciences. There is no “one size fits all”, and we offer custom website design and development services with tailored scopes for client’s of all sizes and budgets. We work with business entities across the spectrum, from startups, to enterprise corporations, to government and non-profits.

A website is both a visual and intellectual tool, and by focusing on both of these elements we’re able to create amazing first impressions and optimal user experiences. In every project, we aim to maximize marketing effectiveness and create visually impactful end products that leave a positive impression on your consumers. Our equal emphasis on form + function is a characteristic that separates us from other agencies. The best of both worlds – beauty and brains.

Web Technologies

WordPress CMS & Woocommerce

We specialize in custom WordPress CMS and Woocommerce online store solutions.

WordPress is a modern, robust CMS (content management system) with unmatched feature and option flexibility. Our custom WordPress websites utilize our own proprietary, in-house developed themes, not off-the-shelf templates. This means the website’s framework is streamlined with all the fat trimmed for faster load times and reduced server resource consumption. And because we are the architects of our own themes, we’re able to create fully customized websites and user experiences to perfectly fit the unique needs of every client.

A few key benefits of WordPress include:

  • Built-in SEO and advanced SEO capabilities.
  • Flexible and adaptable framework.
  • User-friendly for non techy clients.
  • Ability to update your site from anywhere.
  • Extendable functionality with plugins and extensions.
  • Built-in, fully-featured blog with SEO.
  • Advanced social media integrations.
  • Featured-packed ecommerce with Woocommerce.

The Foundation


A purposeful, effective website is equal parts design and development, and one without the other is simply incomplete. This is the foundation of our web design and development system.

FORM: Web Design

Aesthetics are a key component in creating a positive first impression and capturing the interest of target consumers.

Every viewer is left with an explicit impression of your website, which greatly influences their perception of your business. Consumers want to relate to, and form a connection with business entities, and the aesthetics of your website should facilitate this process. Our websites present our clients in the highest form and work to establish a measurable following of ideal consumers.

The design of a website encompasses both its visual appeal and user experience, which blend together to form the site’s mood and ambiance. Providing a positive and effective user experience is vital in eliciting sales, converting consumers to customers, and winning the endorsement of those customers. A well-designed website that targets your ideal consumers will instantly show your business as professional, credible, and inviting, and leave the user with a positive impression. A user who’s happy with their experience on your website is more likely to organically share your business on social media and by word-of-mouth.

They say every negative experience a consumer has with a business results in an average of 10 lost potential customers from that person sharing their opinion with friends and family. And so it can also be said that every positive experience could result in an increase of 10 new customers. This is an idea that we keep in mind throughout the entire creative process, especially when defining the user experience.

Design is our forté; our wheelhouse. And we’ve achieved quite a few awards and recognition for our design work through the years. But, beauty is more than surface deep. We focus on the entire user experience, from the precise colors selected, to the exact pixel placement of each element, to the content organization and flow throughout.

We put ourselves in the shoes of your consumers in order to define the optimal experience. We target your ideal consumers in creating visual experiences that flow from beginning to end, provide unobstructed access to key areas of the site, and maximize usability.

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FUNCTION: Web Development

A website must also be beautiful on the inside, or rather, on the backend, and perform well across the many viewing platforms used today.

Corvus does more than make pretty websites – by combining beautiful design with streamlined development, we create multimedia experiences that are visually striking, while fulfilling their purpose as marketing tools. We meld aesthetics with modern development methods, maximizing each website’s relevance and longevity. We complete our websites with the integration of practical SEO (search engine optimization) techniques to increase organic exposure and traffic for a robust, comprehensive finished product.

Our Process


Discovery / Scoping / Planning


Content / Copywriting / Imagery


UX Design / Prototyping / Comps


Code / SEO / Content Revisions



Discovery / Scoping / Planning

We start each website project by learning all about your business and industry. How did you come about doing what you do? Who are your competitors, your audience, your ideal consumer? What’s your expertise? What sets your business apart? What areas does you want to focus on? How would you like your new website to work for you?

Researching your market is also a part of the discovery and scoping process, which includes analyzing the online presences of your direct competitors. This research helps us provide valuable suggestions and options for your website.

We use all of this gathered information to formulate a project scope and sitemap, outlining proposed website features and elements to attain your online goals. We’ll offer our professional recommendations and additional options, and propose platforms and services to amplify quality and effectiveness.



Content / Copywriting / Imagery

Content creation or collection is a crucial part of any website project, whether it’s a revamp or a brand new site created from scratch. Content, usually text and company-specific imagery, must be thoughtfully defined and created, as it serves as the backbone and purpose of the entire website. Content needs to be balanced so as not to overwhelm with too much text or imagery on either end of the spectrum. Above all, content must be useful to the end user, organized in an intuitive way throughout, and, lastly, created with SEO in mind.

We offer copywriting and editing services when content does not exist, or needs to be rewritten. Verbiage we commonly provide for our clients includes mission statements, histories, bios, service outlines, timelines, product descriptions, privacy policies, and terms of use boilerplate. We tailor our web copy specifically for keyword visibility, while maintaining viewer readability.



UX Design / Prototyping / Comps

What is UX Design? It’s the structuring, aesthetic design, and implementation of the core user experience (ie UX) of your online presence. The user experience encompasses not only the look and feel of your site, but the entire experience from homepage to end page. UX Design is a carefully planned strategy of aesthetics and composition meant to appeal to the target audience, present the right content at the right times, and guide the user through the desired areas of your website.

Gone are the days of long-loading animated intros, splash pages, and other obstructions. Today, websites are lean, user-friendly, focused, and organically serve as effective tools that work for you without the smoke and mirrors. Today’s websites are all about transparent accessibility and simply giving the user what they came for. The antiquated tactic of forcing users to view or sort through off-topic marketing content until they finally find what they came for, is dead. These types of tactics include subscription popups, required registrations for access to public or key info, irrelevant marketing content blockades, excessive clicks to access key common data, oversized logos or other in-your-face items, passive-aggressive content aimed at competitors, etc. With the abundance of information available online and the expectation of instant gratification, these obsolete marketing tactics are considered negative user experiences today, and modern UX Design is crafted specifically to ensure that these scenarios don’t occur.

UX Design spans multiple disciplines, such as user persona definition, wireframing, story-boarding, live prototyping, and the creation of high-fidelity and photorealistic mockups. Modern UX Design is a more inclusive and comprehensive process than previous production methods, and emphasizes the importance of content of substance and optimal site organization. Although aesthetics are still a vital part of the user experience, UX Design differs from graphic design alone in that attention is also focused on understanding the thought processes and behavioral patterns of the target audience, and the development and presentation of content.

The UX Design process is multi-faceted and unique to each project. The same formula won’t work for everyone, so we adapt the process to the unique needs of each individual client. We may start with defining user personas, story-boarding, wireframes, and live prototyping for large scopes, audited projects, or those requiring very precise steps of progression. For smaller projects, we may opt for a hybrid of thoughtful content architecture and high-fidelity design comps, bypassing the more costly and time-consuming preparations.

Corvus is well-seasoned and we’re able to make such determinations early in the project, which helps streamline the entire process, saves time and cost, and presents design elements in the most useful way for each unique client.



Code / SEO / Content Revisions

Development is the process of turning the finalized UX Design into a functional and optimized website.

As mentioned previously, our sites are created on the user-friendly and popular WordPress platform, using our proprietary, in-house developed frameworks (aka themes). Our themes are modern and flexible, utilizing the latest in WordPress and coding technology. Each theme is designed for rapid expansion to match that of our clients’ businesses, and highly customizable to showcase our clients with complimentary aesthetics.

We also include a fully integrated, seamless Woocommerce online shop solution with a robust feature set. And our themes have buildable functionality with the addition of the many professionally-developed plugins and extensions available today.



DNS / SSL / Quality Assurance

There are many technical actions required to launch a website. The methods required depend on the website’s current state, applicable server configuration, domain name settings, email setup, etc. Typically, launching a site involves publishing a staging site, updating the domain’s zone files or DNS settings, updating the WordPress install, checking links, installing an SSL Certificate, and then performing a final cross-platform quality assurance check. We handle all of these tasks for our clients to ensure proper site configuration and an error-free experience for the end user.

We also address ADA-compliance, which is an important aspect in providing a complete and inclusive experience. With the sophistication of today’s reader devices, little to no compromise needs to be made to the aesthetics or content architecture to appeal to everyone. Although ADA-compliance is subjective, by default, our themes are around 85-98% compliant and this number can be increased with a few simple content changes throughout the site.

Inclusive Niche Focus

Although we work with nearly all business types and industries, our primary clientele more often occupy the following niche areas. If you’re not part of these industries, don’t let that stop you from contacting us; we love new challenges and exploring new industries!


Our largest client base is dermatology clinics and practitioners, comprising around 50% of our projects.

We’ve developed a set of unique content items and website features specifically for dermatology websites, such as press kit before/after photos, addressing ADA-compliance, portal and payment integrations, procedure and treatment content, and more.

Contact us to learn more about these features



Our largest client base is dermatology clinics and practitioners, comprising around 50% of our projects.

We’ve developed a set of unique content items and website features specifically for dermatology websites, such as press kit before/after photos, addressing ADA-compliance, portal and payment integrations, procedure and treatment content, and more.

Contact us to learn more about these features


Skincare & Beauty

Skincare, health, wellness, and beauty brands and professionals make up our second largest client industry.

We specialize in creating beautiful, functional digital goods for the entire health and beauty spectrum, from wellness centers to skincare products and brands. And our full-featured online stores with built-in and advanced SEO options are perfect for retailers of all types of beauty products and inventory levels.


Fashion & Retail

We often work with couture brands, up-and-coming fashion labels, and online apparel retailers of all types.

We love creating sleek, high-end, and fun brands, marketing collateral, and eye-catching websites for all manner of fashion and apparel entities. Some of our popular features include interactive lookbooks and photo galleries, photo editing services, package and label design, and comprehensive online stores with advanced features.


Food & Wine

From restaurants, to wine labels, to grocery, to subscription box services… and everything in between!

We cater to all food-related clients (no pun intended), with individualized features and options for each unique project. We offer brand design, collateral, and websites, whether simple or complex, and options for online reservations, order forms, gift-giving, box subscriptions, and more.

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